Maple Wash

Shampoo formulated for dry, unmanageable or chemically treated hair.
The mix of moisturizing ingredients leave your hair soft, clean, restoring its elasticity and adding shine and body.

Contains surfactants from plant cell derivation.



Babassu Wash

Volumizing shampoo formulated for fine hair with lack of volume. 
Extremely mild, it gently cleans hair and scalp, gives volume, adds sheen and body to your hair.




Hydrating Cream Wash

Moisturizing creamy texture shampoo, deeply cleans, moisturizes and protects hair without being aggressive, thanks to its mixture of moisturizing vegetable ingredients, conditioning oils, like soy lecithin, and essential oils like peppermint and bio olive oil.



Colour Maintenance

Specific shampoo for coloured and treated hair. Livens up and revitalizes the colour.

It contains vegetable surfactants and has natural conditioning characteristics which enhance hair shine and silkiness.

Its fragrances are mint and verbena and the total absence of sulfates and parabens.



Purifying Wash

Purifying shampoo for hair and scalp. 
It gently cleanses the scalp and hair which have been exposed to smog and air pollution.

Leaves hair light, fresh, ready for an intensive conditioner treatment.




24 Everyday Shampoo

A shampoo specially formulated for a specific and delicate cleansing of the scalp and hair thanks to its natural and Bio ingredients.

Can and should be used everyday.




Calming Wash

Philip Martin’s Calming Wash is a detoxifying and soothing shampoo which gently cleanses hair and scalp. 
Philip Martin’s Calming Wash helps restoring and cleansing the scalp without being aggressive and it can be used on a daily basis.






Maple Rinse

Conditioner formulated for dry hair and scalp.
Gives moisture, untangles hair and restores its elasticity. 
Hydrates dry and damaged ends.  Leaves hair shiny, smooth and manageable.




Babassu Rinse

Volumizing conditioner for fine hair, gives body to your hair.
Very rich in proteins, makes your hair shiny and easy to comb.




Colour Repair

Conditioner rich in butters and vegetable oils which regenerates and revitalizes the hair. 
Hydrates, gives elasticity and reconstructs the damaged hair protecting it after chemical color treatments. 
The hair will be soft and shiny with enhanced and prolonged color.





Scalp Benefit

Conditioning treatment formulated for people with hair loss problems, sensitive or itchy scalp, perms or colors, permanent press, extensions, dry or oily dandruff. 
Great as scalp peeling. Closes the hair shaft and helps to detangle the hair.




Tratamente cu produse 100% organice:


Aloe Pure Gel

100% pure aloe gel. Without smell and color is very light in texture and is of fast absorption. Does not contain chemical gel substances. Gives an immediate hydrating and freshness sensation. Ideal to detox an oily and greasy scalp, to balance an itchy scalp and to strip your hair of any chemical residue. Strong effect. It can be used after sunburn, on a sore skin.



Four Season Treatment

Specific organic treatment formulated for hair stressed by colors or bleaching.

The Parkii butter mixed with moisturizing ingredients and the Guar, give a deep, immediate and long lasting hydration. Essential oils deeply penetrate the hair, give strength to split ends giving elasticity and shine.

It protects and extends the vitality of hair color and is highly recommended after any chemical application.  



Triple Moisture Treatment

Triple Moisture Treatment is a treatment for exhausted and weak hair, rich in natural hydrating ingredients useful for an immediate and long lasting hydration. It optimizes the natural reserves of water protecting the hair and keeping it soft and hydrated.

The Guar has a high covering function and keeps hair soft and easy to comb.




Formulated with Argan oil and olive oil which protect and repair hair from the sun and aggressive chemical ingredients. Gives excellent protection from clorine commonly found in swimming pools.



Free it

This unique untangling cream contains a high concentration of active nutritive ingredients which give elasticity and hydration to the hair. A few minutes after being applied it provides a spectacular untangling and reconstructive action on even the most harsh hair types.


Hair Loss Nutriment

Nutritive treatment of Bio compatible derivation which does not contain chemical and toxic ingredients. Ideal for thin hair and scalp hair loss problems. Thanks to the Saw Palmeto ingredient it daily inhibits the DHT whilst the glycogen supports the growth of the new hair enhancing its shine and vitality. 



Sea Salt Spray

Once applied on hair and scalp will protect from dehydration and is indicated for the treatment of slightly irritated skin types with seborrhea.






Hair type

Dry hair

All products available for dry hair

Thin hair

All products available for thin hair

Damaged hair

All products available for damaged hair

Coloured hair

All products available for colored hair

Hair loss problems

All products available for hair loss problems


Type of skin

Oily skin

Available products for oily skin

Dry skin

Available products for dry skin

Oily dandruff

Available products for oily dandruff

Dry dandruff

Available products for dry dandruff

Normal skin

Available products for normal skin.